Jaime Couttolenc

He is a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance teacher trained by B. Alan Wallace, Ph.D.,—accomplished Buddhist scholar, teacher, writer and contemplative master with equally rigorous academic and scientific training; and Eve Ekman, Ph.D—behavioural scientist and burnout prevention (and daughter of the world’s eminent and renowned psychologist Paul Ekman, Ph.D., who is considered a world’s expert on emotion); through the Santa Barbara Institute of Consciousness Studies.

Jaime is also a certified Raw Food Chef from the renowned Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center & Cousens School of Holistic Wellness in Patagonia, AZ, U.S. from Gabriel Cousens, (M.D). However, he began his self-studies of the extensive world of conscious eating a few years before personally studying with Dr. Cousens.

Since 2012 he began cleansing his diet and researching, reading, self-experimenting and self-observing the relationship we have with food—as individuals and as a society. As well as doing different types of fasting and other cleansing & healing practices. Having studied with diverse teachers & Tibetan monks of world prestige, such as H.H The Dalai Lama, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Alan Wallace Ph.D, etc; he is also very interested in furthering his buddhist studies and understanding. Which began in 2010 when he took his first course with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche — “The Joy of Living”. Followed by a one-month long retreat in 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal, at Kopan Monastery, called the “Lam-Rim” course, which means “The Graduated Path to Enlightenment” in Tibetan.

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